Friday, April 22, 2016

Aiken Bottom Ranch question

In response to the question about the battle of Aiken Bottom Ranch, yes, the Yankees did get a bad case of the runs.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Battle of Aiken Bottom Ranch

I commanded a Georgia Brigade under BG Paul Semmes under MG McClaws Division in this ACW clash using Carnage and Glory II Computer Aided Rules, run by Rich Wallace at his New Hampshire home last Sunday.  My brigade and the rebel artillery started on the board.  Our objective was to seize the bridge to our front right and exit our supply wagons over said bridge.  Max Sewell, aka BG William Barksdale and his Mississippi Brigade, and Scott Monteith, aka BG Woffard and his Georgia Brigade were the other rebel commanders.  Leo Walsh and Mike Paine commanded the Union forces. The picture below shows the first turn arrival of Barksdale's Mississippi boys and on the far side of the road, Woffard's Georgians.  Rich would not allow the guns to limber, so I have prolonged one over the wall.
The Union troops prepare for the Rebel advance as the farm burns.
The guns have set the Union occupied house on fire as my troops advance, on the left we move into the cornfield while in the center we advance on the burning farmstead while the right fires on the union troops behind the fence.
 Another shot of the opening moves.  Wonderful terrain and detail typical of a Rich Wallace game.

Union reserves arrive near the bridge.
The red cotton ball denotes the serious condition of General Willard's Union Brigade after having two of its four units thrown back by the rebels.
Using an Indian Rush to draw fire from a further distance, my Georgians have thrown the Yanks out of the burning farm and the next turn followed up with an assault on the troops at the fence line from both the victors of the farm clash and their supporting unit. 

The rebels finally come to grips with Union Zouaves in the Cornfield.  The troops had to be within 75 paces to see and shoot at each other.  Barksdale's Mississippians advance at the rear of the photo in support of my Georgians.

The supply train and Barksdale's Mississippi boys move forward as the guns continue to prolong and try to get into the action.

 The congestion at the bridge as Mike Paine brings BG Carroll's Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia boys forward past BG Willard's retreating New Yorkers. We must hold the bridge!

 Beautiful vignette of union troops around the campfire. 

 Another of Rich's excellent touches, adding depth and beauty to the field of battle.

Carroll's Union troops charge over the bridge in assault column, hitting the 50th Georgia, who had defeated two separate union regiments. The Zouaves have been sent packing from the cornfield as Scott and Woffard's Georgians advance in the distance.

The clash at the fence lines.

Another view of the actions as my Georgians hit the retiring New Yorkers on the far right and are assaulted by the Ohio boys in the center.

The 50th Georgia defeats the Ohio boys and countercharges.  Three Yankee regiments sent reeling. 

 The Union boys prepare to assault from the bridge while a Gattlin gun moves onto the contested structure.

A wider view of the action
A Close up of Barksdale's boys preparing to advance.
A view from the other side of the river as the Ohio boys hit the 50th Georgia and the West Virginias hit the left most Georgia regiment.
The Georgians are finally sent off, only to unmask the prolonging rebel artillery and Barksdale's fresh troops.
Woffard's Georgians advance through the cornfield along with the Mississippi boys.
Barksdale's charge on the Gattlin gun falls short. The gun misfires. The rest of the two union brigades on this flank are routing off the board.
A final shot at game end.  The Rebel left flank had charged forward on the last turn only to run into fresh Union troops who turned a Major Confederate Victory in to a Pyrrhic  one.  My (Semme's) Georgians had cleared the way.  Great Game Rich.  Good fun all around and a wonderful terrain board with well painted and based troops made this a real pleasure.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Upcoming Projects for Carnage and Glory

The Battle of Neerwinden, 1793 and the Battle of Kaiserlauten 1793 are being researched.  I may just concentrate on the northern sector of Neerwinden where Charles and his Austrians defeated the French.

War of 1812, I'm working on Plattsburg (a hypothetical involving the crossing of the Sarinac River West of the Town) and North Point which I'm planning on running with Steve Keyer at Huzzah in 2017. 

I'm also beginning to put together a campaign of the Swedish-Russian War of 1808, as there are a two excellent campaign books available on this little heard of aspect of the Napoleonic Wars.