Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Huzzah 2018

The main attraction for a gaming convention is being able host a fun game and to play in a variety of great games.  Huzzah 2018 was no exception.   I played in Rich Wallace's Queen's Cotton American Civil War Game using Carnage and Glory II Rules and a fun little Franco-Prussian War game using Fire and Fury  regimental Rules and another ACW Fire and Fury game using brigade rules.  All were fun.  A few pictures follow, mostly of Rich Wallace's gorgeous game.   I commanded the Rebel right flank.  My orders were to defend the area and I expected that all of the rebel and British had the same orders.  What a surprise when the British advanced in our center. 

The view from the rebel right flank at the start of the game.

The British (Center) and rebel right flank as the British advance down from the hill.

Center advances with little support

The Union left advances toward my troops.

Here they come boys!

The Yankee right flank prior to contact.

The action in the center

Advance to contact.  The yanks hurl my right most regiment from the wall but that's as far as they got.

The back and forth in the center.

The high tide of the union advance, note the gun boat in the left rear.

The Franco-Prussian war battle using Fire and Fury.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Craney Island 1813 at Huzzah

I ran the Battle of Craney Island 1813 using Carnage and Glory 2 computer aided rules at Huzzah in Maine last weekend.  I follow the blog," Those Must Be Regulars, By God" which presented research on gaming the battle.  I was inspired by their great work and Blog and brought my favorite rule set to bear on gaming the battle. 

Craney Island is located in the Chesapeake Bay area of Virginia and guards the northerly approach to the naval base at Norfolk where the USS President was being repaired.  A scratch force of sailors, marines, Virginia Militia and US Regulars are tasked with defending the Island.  The British, under Admiral Cockburn have been raiding the Chesapeake region.  They have landed a group of British Infantry and Marines to conduct a land assault across the shallows to the island.  It will be supported by a amphibious assault including a large naval and marine landing party.  

Time and tide wait for no man.  As the tide begins to flow back out the going gets harder for those attempting to cross the shallows and to row to shore.  On each turn all boats must roll a D-6 to see how they fare.  On a 1-2 they ground for the turn.  a 3 means half speed and a 4-6 allows 300 paces of movement.  Those wading in the muck move 100 paces a turn. 

The British land element advance toward the island connector to the mainland seen below in the far right of the first picture.  The naval landing element encountered fierce opposition from the US batteries crewed by experienced gunners from the USS President and took heavy casualties.  On turn 4 the US received reinforcements, one regiment was rushed to the island while the other two units and one battery defended the river crossing from the advancing British infantry.  Those British units that made it to the island pushed through the tiring artillery and ran into the militia reinforcements before their morale broke.  The results:  A major US Victory with over 1200 British casualties compared to 300 or so for the Americans.  Fun was had by all and we won best of session.

Battle awaits.  Viewing the island from the land side. 
The British march on and the boats move forward.
The British Marines and Sailors advance on the Island's defenders as reinforcements arrive.
Action at the breastworks, the British take the guns.
The garrison view north and west prior to the commencement of action .  

Friday, April 13, 2018

Havoc 2018 Chrysler's Farm

This action played out historically, with a minor British victory. 

US left flank late in the game pushing over the ravines toward the British at the fence line.

US center stuck in the mud in a kill zone. 

Rich Wallace selects his target

Leo Walsh ponders his next move.

Should I charge? 

Yeo's Sloop adds to the British efforts to hold their right.

Havoc 2018 Chickamagua

I ran the Battle of Chrysler's Farm 1813 using Carnage and Glory II computer aided rules at Havoc, the Battle Group Boston Gaming Conference.  It played out to a historical result, with exhausted lower quality US troops failing morale in the face of higher quality well rested British regulars.  I also played in a fun ACW battle of Chickamagua game covering a portion of the battle.  Great fun.  First the ACW game where I commanded the US right flank on a hill in woods. 
The battlefield from behind the Union right where I commanded.
Our commander on the Union left rolled incredibly well, beating off two brigades and excelling with his saving rolls.

I'm rolling pretty well myself.
The rebs went up and down the hill on my flank throughout the game.

Cold Wars 2018 Saturday

Saturday at Cold Wars.  Having finished with game mastering, I turned my attention to play.  In John Snead's game I commanded the Russian right flank in a rear guard action as we sought to stem the Franco-Saxon advance after Bautzen in 1813.  The game ended in a pyric French victory, but if we had gone another turn, we would have crushed our opponents as we had a cavalry counter attack set up with a very high likelihood of success. 
The French right flank looking toward the Russian held village.
My jagers held this village in front of our lines on the Russian Right. the French had to decide to attack it or by-pass it.  They tried to do both. Eventually pushing the jagers out of the village.
We took a reverse slope position and pounded the advancing French with artillery.

The French advance continues

The Russian brain trust.
I advance on the extreme right flank to slow down the Saxon's by-passing the jagers in the village.

Cold Wars 2018 Thursday and Friday

Another fun expedition to Lancaster for Cold Wars.  I put on a meeting engagement between French-Bavarian troops and Austrians in 1809 using Carnage and Glory II computer aided rules and participated in three C&GII games as well as a WWII game.

 The WWII game involved a Japanese paratroop drop on a Dutch East Indies airfield.
As Japanese we had to capture 13 of the jungle blocks and huts.  It was a near run thing but we did it on the last turn.

 On Friday I played in an 1813 French versus Russian game.  The French were on the defense and the Russians struck our central village area and found themselves in a kill zone.  It was a fun game run by Sir Nigel himself. 
My French command is to the right of the central village

The French right flank saw swirling action in the woods with light infantry
The Russian surge.  A brigade charges the village and is pushed back as they face fire from three sides.

Our worthy adversaries.
That afternoon I ran my Franco-Bavarian versus Austrians in 1809 game.  As so often happens, I found little time to take pictures.  The one below is from the initial set up.  Victory points involved holding villages and inflicting casualties.  This game saw the weather take a staring role.  The Austrians grabbed the central villages and sat back to await the French attack.  The Bavarians waited until it began to rain heavily and then charged in column against fresh Austrians in line.  11000 Austrian muskets spoke, no one was listening, only 1 casualty because of the rain.  The Bavarians rooted the Austrians out.  The game was a minor victory to the French.
View of the table from the French end.  The action raged around the middle village area. 


Friday, May 26, 2017

Huzzah 2017 Saturday

I ran an encounter game between 1809 Bavarians (with a brigade of French) and the Austrians of FML Bellegarde, called Bavarian two-step.  This game also used Carnage and Glory II computer aided rules.  It was a straight out slug fest and ended with a pyrrhic victory for the Franco-Bavarian players.  I was too focused on running the game to thoroughly photo-document it.  So you will have to make do with the few photos I took.
French on the right, Bavarians in the center and left on a ridge overlooking the Austrian approach.
The French have won the race to the stone wall.
Austrian center is met by the Bavarians. In the Center left the Bavarians charge the guns.
Cavalry action in the center
The action in the center of the field. 

Later that afternoon I played in a Napoleon's Battle game of Valmy.  Thanks for running this one Tom.  I had forgotten how much fun Napoleon's Battles can be.  A good time.