Friday, May 26, 2017

Huzzah 2017 Saturday

I ran an encounter game between 1809 Bavarians (with a brigade of French) and the Austrians of FML Bellegarde, called Bavarian two-step.  This game also used Carnage and Glory II computer aided rules.  It was a straight out slug fest and ended with a pyrrhic victory for the Franco-Bavarian players.  I was too focused on running the game to thoroughly photo-document it.  So you will have to make do with the few photos I took.
French on the right, Bavarians in the center and left on a ridge overlooking the Austrian approach.
The French have won the race to the stone wall.
Austrian center is met by the Bavarians. In the Center left the Bavarians charge the guns.
Cavalry action in the center
The action in the center of the field. 

Later that afternoon I played in a Napoleon's Battle game of Valmy.  Thanks for running this one Tom.  I had forgotten how much fun Napoleon's Battles can be.  A good time.

Huzzah 2017 Friday evening

View from the Austrian Cente
I had the good fortune to play in Rich Wallace's Seven Year's War game Friday night May 19 at Huzzah in Portland, Maine.  Rich also uses Carnage and Glory II rules and he ran a spectacular award winning game, as you will see from the photos below.  I commanded the Prussian Infantry guarding the town and the Prussian artillery.  I played a waiting game while Fredrick advanced the reserves to smash the Austrian center.  As is usual  in the Seven Years War, cavalry formed both flanks.  In our game the cavalry on the Prussian right smashed their opponents and a similar result occurred on the left flank, but it took a while longer to achieve on this flank. 
Fredrick's reserves arriving with the Prussian right flank on the far side of the swamp


View from the Prussian Left Flank

View from behind the Prussian Center
View from behind the Austrian left flank
Charge and counter charge on the Prussian left
Prussian cavalry seeking an advantage on their right flank
Prussian Cav advance on the center right
Back and forth cavalry action on the Prussian left flank

Back and forth action on the right flank

Austrians advance while Fredrick's reserves come on line to the right of the battery.

Prussian's secure advantage on their right flank as both sides cavalry tire.

Rich secures the award for best game of the evening. Well done Rich!


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Action Along the Danube 1809

I attended the Alder Hobby game day in Manchester, New Hampshire  last Saturday and used my buddy Rich's incredible terrain from his Green Springs AWI game for a version of my Waltzing on the Danube Game using Carnage and Glory II rules for Napoleonics.  A brigade plus of Bavarians (5 infantry battalions supported by two batteries and two units of Berg Lancers) reinforced by a brigade of French infantry (5 battalions plus a battery) try to stem the Austrian tide. 

Graf Bellegarde's 1st Corps with the Divisions of General Kleanu (Advanced Guard), Dedovich, and a brigade under General Nordmann slowly pushed back the outnumbered Franco-Bavarian forces. It was a fun afternoon and resulted in a minor Austrian victory.  We were surprised that the incredibly efficient 1st Jager Battalion did not receive honors for battle, instead that honor fell to the Uhlans.  A Bavarian infantry battalion took honors for the Franco-Bavarians for the hurt they laid on the Austrians.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

First play test of Waltzing on the Danube

On November 19th I hosted 7 gamers for a run through of my Waltzing on the Danube 1809 game.  Rich (right), Adam (left) and Pierce (center and a newbie) commanded the Austrians against Steve (left), Leo (right) and Rob(center).  The following photos are from the game:
Rich and Adam looking over their commands


Austrian dragoons were charged by Berg lancers and sent reeling.
Austrian lancers caught a limbered artillery unit and wiped it out, while French chasseurs in line prevented the other lancer unit from reaching the second French artillery unit who deployed by the windmill.

Austrians moved first in an effort to gain some depth and not be pinned against there entry point.

The Bavarians came up just short in their charge on the guns after being ravaged by canister from the far battery.

The following pictures give a sense of the too and fro of the action.  The Bavarian line performed a save yourself maneuver and fled the scene.  They would rally later and return to the action. The Austrian horse withdrew with one unit dispersing after their encounter with the Berg lancers.  On the French right flank the horse forced the Austrians to deploy into battalion mass in order to continue to seek elbow room. They made juicy artillery targets.  In the center the Austrian line retained its line behind the cornfields and bided its time.

On the Austrian right, in the woods, their grenzers and landwher formed open order and slowly pushed back the Bavarian lights.  The prevalence of artillery smoke gave stark evidence of the slugfest underway.  All of the artillery was being well used.  Counter-battery fire was common as the guns often set up within canister range of each other.  (Note the cotton balls indicating artillery being fired.)

The Austrian center advanced through the cornfield and began a shoot out with the French Center.  After a while the combination of French artillery and infantry fire caused the center Austrian brigade to fall back.  On the Austrian right, Adam had stabilized the situation was bringing his horse back into the fray after forcing Leo to pull back a number of his cavalry.  Leo described the action between Adam and himself as Rock'em Sock'em Robots, a real slug fest.  Rich, on the Austrian left was bringing his troops forward to hit the Bavarians when we called the game because of time.  the computer called it an inconclusive action.  There were a ton of troops to push and not all of them got into play.

Lessons learned:  I need to scale this down a bit if I want to reach a conclusion within the standard 4 hour game format used at most conventions.  I've since pruned the Austrian and French OOBs and believe I have a more manageable game which will be a challenge for the Franco-Bavarians.  The Austrians will need to be aggressive in order to win. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Preparing for Waltzing Along the Danube, 1809 using Carnage and Glory II

I'm preparing for a November 19th war game using Carnage and Glory II computer assisted rules.  The setting is a clash between Marshal Lefebvre and a Franco Bavarian mixed corps and  Austrian General Klenau who is leading an augmented advanced guard corps+ of Austrians in 1809. 

The Order of Battle is as follows:

107         Lefebvre              1400 paces
                157         1/3rd guard horse battery  6pdr light
                158         2/3rd guard horse battery   

106         St Hilaire              950 paces
                161         Horse battery                    6pdr light
                162         Division Foot battery      6pdr medium
                163         Division Foot battery      6pdr medium

108         Marion                 350 paces
                124         1/10th    Legere  600
                125         2/10       Legere 
                126         3/10th    Legere “
                127         1/105th Line “
                128         2/105th Line “
                129         3/105th Line “

109         Lorencez              500 paces
                130         1/3rd Line             825
                131         2/3rd Line             825
                132         3/3rd Line             850
                133         1/57th Line           650
                134         2/57th Line           650
                135         3/57th Line           650

111         Kronprinz Ludwig             650 paces
                153         1/2nd Foot Artillery   6pdr medium
                154         2/2nd Foot Artillery          
                155         3/2nd Foot Artillery          
                156         1/2nd Horse Artillery  6pdr light
                159         Lancers of Berg    450
                160         Lancer of Berg bis 400

112         Baron Rechberg                                450 paces
                142         1 Lieb    600
                143         2/Lieb   602
                144         1/Kronprinz 600
                145         2/Kronprinz        615
                146         1st Light Infantry               613

105         Pully     450 paces
                120         12eme Chasseurs A  360
                121         12eme Chasseurs B  360
                122         1st Hussars                           450
                123         28th Dragoons                    450


502         Klenau                  800 paces

503         Hardegg               400 paces
                501         1st Jager                770 men
                502         1/IR 3                    1120
                503         2/IR 3                    1120
                504         3/IR 3                    1120
                505         10th Hussars bis 400
                506         10th Hussars        461
                507         2 Uhlan bis          400
                508         2 Uhlan                 56
                509         1 Cavalerie battery          160 6pdr light

549         Von Clary  400 paces
                672         Baron Knesevich Dragoons Bis   300
                673         Baron Knesevich Dragoons          344
                674         11 Cavalerie Battery                        150 6pdr light

504         Graf Bellegarde                                1200 paces
                538         Battery # 1          150   12 pounder
                539         Battery #2           150         12 pdr

505         Baron Dedovich                800 paces

506         Hennenberg      400 paces
                510         1/IR 17  1120
                511         2/IR 17  1120
                512         3/IR 17 1120
                513         1/IR 36  1062
                514         2/IR 36  1062
                515         3/IR 36  1062
                516         1 brigade battery             300  6pdr medium

507         Wacquant           400 paces
                517         1/ IR 11 1101
                518         2/IR 11  1101
                519         3/IR 11  1101
                520         1/IR 47  1079
                521         2/IR 47  1079
                522         3/IR 47  1079
                523         #2 Brigade Battery           200  6pdr medium

526         Bruck                     400 paces
                600         1/13 Grenz          651
                601         2/13 Grenz          651
                602         2 Mahr Frewingler           993
                603         Carneville Freicorps        208
                604         Carneville Freicorps cav 115
                605         Vincent Chevalegers #4                                746
                606         Erzog Ferdinand Hussars #4         821
                607         #4 Cavalarie Battery        150  6 pdr light

533         Nordman             400 paces
                630         Warasdiner Grenz           544
                631         1st Vienna Frewillinger   544
                632         2nd Vienna Frewillinger  610
                633         #16 Brigade Battery        150  3 pdr

509         Clary      400 paces
                524         1/IR 10                  1092
                525         2/IR 10                  1092
                526         1/IR 42                  1157
                527         2/IR 42                  1157
                528         #3 Brigade Battery           200  6 pdr medium

536         D’Aspre                                400 paces
537         Marville                400 paces
                639         Gren Bn Scharbol             706
                640         Gren Bn Scouand             605
                641         Gren Bn Putenai               682
                642         Gren Bn Brezecinsky      610