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Crysler's Farm C&G ii (Play test)

One of the great things about using Carnage and Glory II, is the different outcomes that different strategies and different players can produce.  Below you will read about the first play test of Crysler's Farm scenario (War of 1812) historically fought on 11-11-1813.

Great Britain   Morrison’s Corps of Observation                                                   Defend Orders

Corps       501          LTC Morrison                           Active      B+            (1400 paces)           “”

2-in-C      502          LTC Harvey                              Active B   (800 paces)             “”

                503          LTC Plenderleith      Active B   (250 paces)             “”
                                501          49th Regiment of Foot            0/304      B+ (sk)
                                502          89th Regiment of Foot            0/240      B+ (sk)
                                505          89th detachment     0/144      A- (sk)

                504          LTC Pearson The Advance       Active B (225 paces) “”
                                511          49th Elites                                0/100      A- (sk)
                                512          Canadian Fencibles 0/108      B- (sk)

                506          Major Heriot           Lights      Active B   (225 paces)   “”
                                514          Canadian Voltiguers               0/150    B- 
                                515          Provincial Lt Dragoons            0/25        C+ 
                                516          Mohawk Warriors   0/50        B

                507          Captain Jackson Artillery Active B          (225 paces)  “”
                                517          Royal Artilley (1)     0/50 (2) 6 pounders C+
                                518          Royal Artillery (2)   0/25 (1) 6 pounder C+
519          Yeo’s Sloop                             0/50 (1) 24 pounder C+

Strengths                                Losses/Active
                                                0/1096 Bayonets
                                                0/25        Sabres
                                                0/75        Artillerists
                                                0/3          Cannon
                                                0/1196 Total of All Arms
Victory Conditions:                  Retain five unrouted units on the field (minor)
                                                Cause half of the US forces to route off the field (major)

US   Forces
Wing Boyd                       202 Brigadier General Boyd        Active        C-                    (1100 paces)  Attack orders

1st Brigade                        210  LTC Coles                                                              Active C+  (500 paces)                      “ “
                                                                        202               12th US Infantry            0/369          C- (sk)
                                                                        203               13th US Infantry                                    0/391          D+ (sk)        

3rd Brigade                       205 BG Covington                              Active C-    (350 paces)  “”
                                                                        207               9th US Infantry                                       0/468          C- (sk)
                                                                        208               16th US Infantry                                    0/377          C  (sk)
                                                                        209               25th US Infantry                                    0/562          C (sk)

4th Brigade                       206 BG Swartout                                 Active  C+                         (350 paces) “”
                                                                        210               11th US Infantry                                    0/449 C+ (sk)
                                                                        211               14th US Infantry                                    0/267 D+ (sk)
                                                                        212               21st US Infantry                                     0/632 C          (sk)

Boat Guard                      212  LTC Upham                                  Active B     (225 paces)   enroute  with attack order
                                                                        222               Boat Guard                                              0/600 C+ (sk)
Cavalry                                208 Major Woodford                                               Active C-    (175 paces)  enroute
                                                                        218               2nd US Dragoons           0/150

Artillery                             211 Captain Knox                               Active B     (225 paces) enroute with attack order
                                                                        220               2nd regiment of artillery  0/78 (3)  C  6 pders
                                                                        221               2nd regiment of artillery                0/75  (3)  C  6 pders

Strengths                          losses/active
                                                                        0/4115  Bayonets
                                                                        0/150          Sabres
                                                                        0/153          Artillerists
                                                                        0/6                Cannon                                                       0/4418 Total of all arms

Victory Conditions:  Drive the British from the field

Rich Wallace and Scott Monteith eyeing their commands. Note the gulleys and the bridges which crossed them which have been removed.  The same muddy fields and fencing are in play.
The US troops, three brigades, approach the British skirmish line deployed at the first fence line. 

The British initial dispositions along the fenceline with their left on the swamp and their right on the river. Only one artillery unit is being used by the British in the play test. 

The initial British artillery fire targets the 2nd US Dragoons. sending them to the board's edge.
Rob Walters commands the British right flank.

The dragoons had advanced quickly to the second gulley. Attracting the artillery's attention.

Rob ably manuvered his unit of Provincial Dragoons on the flank of the US advance.  The artillery having forced the first unit in the US left brigade to withdraw and put a hurt on the second.  Rob advanced Captain Barnes detachment towards the weakened Americans.  Rob had not read the OOB and did not realize how weak his forces truly were.  Lesson from this trial run, each stand to represent 100 figures. 

The dragoons have stymied the US advance in the middle and Rob has learned to his chagrin how brittle his right flank detachment is.  On the US left flank the British are forced back from the fence line.  The US artillery have arrived and are beginning to tell on the British troops. 
The US forces are pushed forward on their left flank. 

The British attempt to form a new line to their rear.  LTC Plenderleith's command's brigade integrity is effected.

The British unit of detachments routes back to the Farm buildings and attempts to rally.

The provincial dragoons are sent running by the US infantry who turn their flank.

Garrisoning the farmhouse will hopefully assist the units to rally.
The advancing US artillery has other ideas. At this point the British morale falls below 75%.  The US gets a minor victory. 
Mike Paine brought along The Helm, the club award from Huzzah 2012 for most participation by a club.  We have been taking pictures with it wherever club members play during the past year.  Left to Right- Rich Wallace, Scott Monteith, Peter Lowitt, Rob Walters and Mike Paine on camera.

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