Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Action Along the Danube 1809

I attended the Alder Hobby game day in Manchester, New Hampshire  last Saturday and used my buddy Rich's incredible terrain from his Green Springs AWI game for a version of my Waltzing on the Danube Game using Carnage and Glory II rules for Napoleonics.  A brigade plus of Bavarians (5 infantry battalions supported by two batteries and two units of Berg Lancers) reinforced by a brigade of French infantry (5 battalions plus a battery) try to stem the Austrian tide. 

Graf Bellegarde's 1st Corps with the Divisions of General Kleanu (Advanced Guard), Dedovich, and a brigade under General Nordmann slowly pushed back the outnumbered Franco-Bavarian forces. It was a fun afternoon and resulted in a minor Austrian victory.  We were surprised that the incredibly efficient 1st Jager Battalion did not receive honors for battle, instead that honor fell to the Uhlans.  A Bavarian infantry battalion took honors for the Franco-Bavarians for the hurt they laid on the Austrians.

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