Friday, May 26, 2017

Huzzah 2017 Saturday

I ran an encounter game between 1809 Bavarians (with a brigade of French) and the Austrians of FML Bellegarde, called Bavarian two-step.  This game also used Carnage and Glory II computer aided rules.  It was a straight out slug fest and ended with a pyrrhic victory for the Franco-Bavarian players.  I was too focused on running the game to thoroughly photo-document it.  So you will have to make do with the few photos I took.
French on the right, Bavarians in the center and left on a ridge overlooking the Austrian approach.
The French have won the race to the stone wall.
Austrian center is met by the Bavarians. In the Center left the Bavarians charge the guns.
Cavalry action in the center
The action in the center of the field. 

Later that afternoon I played in a Napoleon's Battle game of Valmy.  Thanks for running this one Tom.  I had forgotten how much fun Napoleon's Battles can be.  A good time.

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