Thursday, May 10, 2012

Battle of Neumarket, 1809 at Havoc 2011

I had the good fortune to participate in a game Nigel Marsh game-mastered at Havoc (the Boston area gaming convention) in 2011.  I commanded a Bavarian brigade holding the left of the Franco-Bavarian lines, facing hordes of Austrians in attack mode.  I enjoy using the computer-moderated Carnage and Glory II gaming system. I can focus on running my troops and not worry about rolling dice and my "luck." 
These bad boys are facing my troops and approaching through the open area channelled between two forested areas. In the picture below the Austrian center column advance toward my right flank.

My Bavarian's initial set up.
Here come the Austrians.  The Bavarian Battery fires ranging shots as the infantry deploy into line. 
The Bavarian Guns greet the Austrians as they pinch toward the center of the Franco-Bavarian lines - to the right of the picture - where they can coordinate with the central column.
A firefight errupts along the battle lines.  My mistake occurs when I listen to the gamemaster who declares that the Austrians I am facing are understrength units.  I forget that Austrian units are actually huge and understrength should be followed by, "compared to what." So I move one Bavarian line unit forward to charge the approaching Austrian right flank units in the hopes of crushing it and then rolling up their line.

Two Grenzer units advance on my guns while my line battalion can be seen charging the Austrians behind them.  I see off the Grenzers with cannon fire but my line unit is repulsed and falls back, unhinging my line.  I form a unit into square as an Austrian Dragoon unit has appeared on my flank.
I also withdraw my guns to keep them from being over run by the advancing kaiserlicks (Austrian horde).

My square is too large, its deployment is tacky, infact.  It was attempting to cover the flank and the unit is too small to do so. The Austrian drgoons have successfully pinned my troops and the Kaiserlicks are advancing in column and will soon dispatch my troops to the rear.  At this point the game master calls the game with a victory for the Austrians. 

It was a fun game. Thanks to Nigel for game-mastering and the gang from BattleGroup Boston who put on such a splendid show. 

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