Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quatre Bras Shako II at Cold Wars 2012

My good friend Steve Umbrell and I drive down to Cold Wars in Lancaster, PA this March along with Scott Montieth.  Steve had signed up to run Quatre Bras  on Saturday evening using Shako II Rules.  Since there weren't that many games scheduled for Thursday evening, we volunteered to run Quatre Bras to help fill out the offerings.
A picture of Picton's Division with the village of Quatre Bras to the right of the shot. 
The Brunswick Division deployed between the village and the woods.  I would command the Brunswickers in the game.  Perponchers Dutch-Belgian Division is off to my right (see below) 
The French deployed at the table edge and made ready to advance against Wellington's minions.
Jerome Bonapartes Division prepares to enter the woods.
The initial turn sees the French Corps light cavalry start on an end run to get around and flank Picton's troops.

The French advance into the woods, engaging the Dutch-Belgan troops with two divisions. They manuvere to outflank the Dutch-Belgan right flank in the woods.
The initial Allied reinforcements rush to stem the French advance on the Allies right flank.  The French get victory points for taking Quatre Bras (the village) and cutting the road in the Allies right rear. This is why the initial reinforcements are deployed to thwart this threat.
My Brunswickers get involved in the fighting in the woods as the French get involved in a brawl in the Bois.
Picton continues to duel with a French division on the Allied left.
The French light cavalry (4 units)  flanking manuvere continues.  Dutch Belgian cavalry(2 units)  are deployed to counter the threat.
Allied reinforcements clobber the French effort on our right flank.  Those who can, break off and shift into the woods to escape the British reinforcements.  The Dutch Belgians have been ground down in the woodland combat, as have their French counterparts.
Our Hanoverian Landwher form square to protect Picton's front ranks and beat off the light cavalry threat with the help of the Dutch Belgian Cavalry.

French heavy cavalry arrive while the French infantry make an effort to secure the cross roads town and victory.  The highlanders, Wellington's best troops are garrisoning the town and the French troops gallant efforts fail on the last turn.  A close run thing, to quote our commander.  The Brunswick and Dutch Belgian troops (infantry) have been put out of action.  The French Light Cavalry and two infantry divisions have incurred heavy losses and can no longer advance. This game came down to the last turn of the game and was still in doubt.  We had a similar result the second time Steve ran the game, with a decision on the last turn. 

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